Photons live at Loft, Cologne

Jazz Against The Machine Festival Trailer



Daniel Tamayo: Guitar and composition.

Moritz Preisler: Piano

Yaroslav Likhachev: Tenor Saxophone

Conrad Noll: Doublebass

Simon Bräumer: Drums

Working with pianists is often a delicate matter for guitar players, and sometimes avoided, but I have found it is a sound full with possibilities that I really enjoy. That is the main reason why In the last couple of years I have been playing my music mostly with quartet and quintet formations.

This duality of harmonic instruments (guitar and piano) enriched by the other instruments in the quintet, and enforced by the particular musicians conforming the band creates a collective I am grateful to play my music with.

In November 2017, I got the opportunity to record a demo album with my quintet which I am very pleased to present. The pieces of this recording are mostly new works and are constructed quite differently, introducing some kind of refreshing feel to the whole recording.

The recording was made in the Hochschule für Medien Düsseldorf  by Lukas Felling.