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New Album: Unjustified Paranoia

Released in April 29, 2021

Tracklist & Credits

1. Unjustified Paranoia 
2. Photons 
3. Bauchredner 
4. Some Exceptions
5. Spekulation
6. Simply 
7. Anubias 
8. Anachronic Man (feat. Dariya Maminova)

Daniel Felipe Tamayo Gómez: Guitar, Electronics.

Yaroslav Likhachev: Tenor saxophone

Moritz Preisler: Piano

Conrad Noll: Doublebass

Simon Bräumer: Drums

Dariya Maminova: Voice

All compositions by Daniel Felipe Tamayo Gómez

Label: Unit Records

Recorded at Topaz Studio by Reinhard Kobialka

Cover art: Daniel Felipe Tamayo Gómez

Mastering: Sergio Adarve Vargas

With the support of Kulturamt Stadtköln

all rights reserved

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“Der Sound darf in Stimmungen Oszillieren, ist mal Akustisch und technisch souverän artikuliert, mal elektronisch unterwandert ”  


A fresh, powerful jazz, twirling from free to melodic and poignant murmurs, which also comes to us from Cologne, always represented with excellence. This group is supported by its leader, Daniel Tamayo, born in Medellin (Colombia) who travelled Germany in 2015 and who has since taken part in numerous international competitions. He is surrounded in this quintet by an uncompromising rhythm section, an unbridled tenor sax from Russia, and an amazing pianist

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