09.01.2020 Daniel Tamayo,Leif Berger, Florian Herzog  at Brotfabrik/Bonn-Beuel


Past dates

December 30/ 2019 Heimathirsh, Köln – Daniel Tamayo Quartet

October 19, Krokus Jazz Festiwal, Poland – Daniel Tamayo Quintet

July 31, August 1/2019 – Avignon Jazz Festival, France – Daniel Tamayo Quintet:https://www.tremplinjazzavignon.fr/


July 5/ 2019, 20:30. Loft, Köln – Daniel Tamayo Quintet:https://www.loftkoeln.de/de/event/daniel-tamayo-quintet-2/


June  27/ 2019. de.lite, Moltkestr. 74 Köln- Daniel Tamayo Trio

March 12/2019 – JazzSchmiede Düsseldorf- Daniel Tamayo Quartet.

January 31/2019 – Konzersaal, Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln:

NO STRINGS ATTACHED – Daniel Tamayo Abschlusskonzert https://www.facebook.com/events/1640082846291019/



October 11/2018 – Stadtgarten, Köln:



September 15/2018 – Daniel Tamayo Quintet – Loft, Köln

September 11/2018 – Daniel Tamayo Quintet – Artheater, Köln

July 04/2018 – Daniel Tamayo Quintet  – Jazz Against the Machine Festival, Köln


February 6/2018  – Composition Master Class at EAFIT Univeristy, Medellín Colombia

February 9/2018 – Guitar Master Class at EAFIT Univeristy, Medellín Colombia. 13:00

February 14/2018 |9:30pm  – Daniel Tamayo 5 at VICTORIA REGIA -Medellín Colombia, with Sam Farley, Santiago Restrepo, Eduardo Gonzalez, Humberto Arias.

February 19/2018 |midnight (12am)  – Daniel Tamayo 4tet at ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL – New York City, with Florian Herzog, Kobi Abcede, Rusell Kranes.

February 24/2018 | 6pm – Daniel Tamayo 4tet at SHRINE – New York City, with Klara Stirner, Diego Alzate


Born in Medellin, Colombia, jazz guitarist and composer Daniel Tamayo started his formal music studies at EAFIT University in 2007, where after his Jazz guitar bachelor, completed a Master in Music Composition with Full Scholarship. In 2015 Daniel was awarded the DAAD Scholarship for postgraduate studies in music composition at the Hochschule für Musik Köln -Germany, currently in progress. During his studies Daniel has been active as a guitar player and composer with different projects around Europe and recently in Colombia and New York, taking part in different international festivals and competitions like the Paxos Music festival, international Jazz composition contest at Silesian Jazz Festival in Katowice, Bujazzo international composition competition in Germany, Michele Novaro composition prize, among others.
In the last years he has been writing music for big band, jazz ensembles and occasionally writing chamber and orchestral music. In the past year he realized his master degree project: No Strings Attached, which is a program of music for string orchestra and jazz ensemble, recorded last October. Apart from this project he has worked in a couple films, and he has been performing with his own quintet and writing music for it.